March 2024 Myrtle Beach Fishing Report

March 2024 Myrtle Beach Fishing Report: A Comprehensive Guide

The allure of casting a line into the tranquil waters at the break of dawn, with the sun just peeking over the horizon, is an unmatched experience for many anglers. The March 2024 Fishing Report for the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area brings a mix of excitement and anticipation for fishing enthusiasts. The early spring season heralds the arrival of various fish species, making it a prime time to explore the waters around Myrtle Beach, SC. With surface water temperatures ranging between 57-60 degrees and the water clarity affected by the wind, the conditions are ripe for an engaging fishing adventure.


A serene morning at Myrtle Beach with anglers in the distance, hoping to make the catch of the day based on the March 2024 Fishing Report.

Morning Conditions and Water Temperatures

As the sun rises over Little River, South Carolina the surface water temperatures hover around the 59–63-degree mark. This slight chill in the air and the warmth of the water creates ideal conditions for fish to start moving closer to the surface. However, the wind has played its part, leaving the water fairly dirty, a factor that anglers need to consider when planning their fishing strategies.


The Top of the Coast Awakens

At the crest of the coast, the fishing scene is buzzing with activity. Captain Keith Logan and the team at North Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters LLC are at the forefront, guiding anglers to the best spots as the season begins to peak. The diversity of inshore and deep sea species available for the catch, coupled with the expertise of seasoned captains, promises an exciting fishing outing.


Speckled Sea Trout Fishing: Techniques and Hotspots

Gril holding a speckle3d sea trout on the bow of a boat out my the jetties with North Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters

Speckled Sea Trout have become the stars of the season, with their presence felt at creek mouths, along banks, and near the jetties. The key to a successful catch is to fish during moving water, regardless of whether it’s a rising or falling tide, within the sweet spot of 5-8 feet of water depth. While artificial baits like Vudu Shrimp and 3” DOA Shrimp yield some success, the irresistible allure of live shrimp proves to be unbeatable.


The Black Drum Ensemble

man holding a black drum on the bow of a scout bay boat with north myrtle beach fishing charters

Sharing the stage with trout are the black drums, often caught using the same live shrimp bait. For those aiming specifically for black drum, targeting the bottom with fresh cut shrimp in deeper waters of 10-15 feet proves more fruitful, especially around the jetties where they tend to congregate.


Redfish Tactics

Gril holding a red drum aka redfishin the bow of north myrtle beach fishing charters scout bay boat.

Redfish aka Red Drum, although not in large groups, make occasional appearances, mostly during low tide in shallow waters or holes. Creek mouths during the dropping tide offer opportunities to catch redfish, as they feed on the bounty flushed out from the creeks. Fresh cut shrimp remains the bait of choice for these elusive catches.


Nearshore Challenges and Opportunities


Recent weather conditions have made nearshore fishing a challenge. However, a brief warm spell signaled the arrival of Bonito, hinting at more action as the weather stabilizes. Anglers can also look forward to encountering bluefish, sheepshead, and more black drum in these waters.


Offshore and Deep Sea Fishing


The March 2024 Fishing Report illuminates the path for anglers venturing into the waters around Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. With detailed insights on water temperatures, species to target, bait preferences, and tactical fishing advice, it equips every fishing enthusiast with the knowledge needed for a rewarding expedition. As the season unfolds, the waters beckon, promising adventure, challenge, and the joy of the catch. Whether you’re casting your line from the shore or aboard a charter, the March 2024 Fishing Report is your compass to navigating the vibrant fishing landscape of The Grand Strand.


FAQ: March 2024 Myrtle Beach Fishing Report

What type of bait is recommended for trout fishing this season?

For trout fishing in the Little River area, live shrimp is highly recommended due to its irresistible allure to the trout. Artificial baits like Vudu Shrimp and 3” DOA Shrimp methods also yield success, but live shrimp tends to be the most effective choice.

How can anglers adjust their strategies for fishing in dirty water conditions?

In dirty water conditions, anglers should consider using baits that create more vibration or noise to attract fish, as visibility is reduced. Bright or highly reflective lures can also be effective. Focusing on areas where fish might gather for feeding, such as near creek mouths or jetties, can improve chances despite the murky waters.

Are there any specific locations around Little River that are particularly fruitful for black drum?

For black drum, targeting deeper waters of 10-15 feet near the jetties proves to be fruitful. Using fresh cut shrimp as bait on the bottom can attract black drum effectively in these areas.

What techniques are most effective for catching redfish during low tide?

During low tide, focusing on shallow waters or holes where redfish might be feeding is effective. Creek mouths during the dropping tide offer opportunities to catch redfish, as they feed on the bounty flushed out from the creeks. Using fresh cut shrimp as bait is a preferred method for catching redfish in these conditions.

How does the weather impact nearshore fishing activities?

Weather conditions greatly impact nearshore fishing activities. For instance, rough weather can make nearshore waters difficult to navigate and fish in. However, brief warm spells can signal the arrival of certain species like Spanish mackerel, making it essential to stay informed about weather patterns for successful nearshore fishing.

What measures can anglers take to ensure a successful fishing trip despite challenging weather conditions?

To ensure a successful trip despite challenging weather, anglers should:

  • Check weather forecasts regularly and plan trips during more stable weather windows.
  • Adjust gear and bait to suit the specific conditions (e.g., heavier lures for windy days).
  • Focus on protected areas that might offer more consistent fishing opportunities during adverse weather.
  • Consider safety first, especially in rough water conditions, and make sure to have all necessary safety equipment.


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