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Captain Lawrence Long IV is a fourth-generation fisherman that has come from the Long family of Little River. His great grandad, Lawrence Long, started the charter fishing industry out of Little River in 1926. Since then his entire family has been a part of the fishing industry out of Little River including his grandad Larry Long, his great uncle Billy and Ricky Long, his uncle Chris Long and his cousins. Captain Lawrence has been working on a fishing boat since he was 5 years old, alongside his family, and has owned and operated his own boat, “The Long Line” since 2013. Captain Lawrence decided to name the boat “The Long Line” because of the long line of generational fishermen from his family and the impact they have had on the fishing community in the Little River and surrounding areas for the last 100 years. Captain Lawrence holds a 100-ton endorsement US Coast Guard captain’s license and a US Coast Guard inspected vessel with the latest safety and fishing equipment. For the boat to obtain and keep a US Coast Guard inspection certificate it must be kept up to date on all of its safety equipment and inspections, so anyone that charters the boat knows that they are in great hands. He is able to accommodate up to 20 passengers on his vessel “The Long Line.”

Throughout the year, Captain Lawrence carries Deep Sea Fishing Charters In Myrtle Beach through the months of March until September. The remainder of the year he commercial fishes for Grouper, Snapper, Sea Bass and then sells them to fish dealers locally, up North, and to restaurants in our area to ensure a fresh local catch. He has 20 plus years of experience fishing the surrounding waters of South Carolina and North Carolina. He is knowledgeable in any situation from catching Sharks and Mackerel inshore close to the beach, to offshore fishing in the Gulf Stream targeting sought-after bottom dwellers like Grouper and Snapper, and even sportfish such as Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and Tuna. In the offseason, other than commercial fishing, he also trawls for shrimp, goes to the marsh and picks up oysters, and sets gill nets. Captain Lawrence, combined with his relaxed personality and extensive knowledge of the fishing industry, will make sure you have a great and memorable fishing experience on “The Long Line” whether you choose to embark on an inshore 1/2 day excursion or an all-day offshore experience. You will not regret choosing Captain Lawrence Long IV and his vessel “The Long Line” for your next fishing experience!

Captain Lawrence Long

Unraveling the Legacy of Captain Lawrence Long IV: A Century of Fishing Excellence

A Fishing Dynasty Rooted in Little River

Captain Lawrence Long IV hails from a long line of distinguished fishermen in the Long family of Little River. This remarkable lineage began with his great-grandfather, Lawrence Long, who pioneered the charter fishing industry in Little River back in 1926. Over the years, the family’s involvement in the local fishing scene has been nothing short of extraordinary, with key figures like Larry Long, Billy and Ricky Long, Chris Long, and numerous cousins making their mark.

From Childhood Passion to Professional Pursuit

For Captain Lawrence, the call of the sea was irresistible. At the tender age of five, he was already working on a fishing boat alongside his family. This passion culminated in 2013, when he took the helm of his own vessel, “The Long Line.” The boat’s name pays homage to the enduring legacy of generational fishermen from the Long family and their significant impact on the Little River and surrounding fishing communities over the past century.

Ensuring Safety and Quality on “The Long Line”

Captain Lawrence takes pride in his 100-ton endorsement US Coast Guard captain’s license, as well as the US Coast Guard inspected vessel equipped with state-of-the-art safety and fishing gear. To maintain its inspection certificate, “The Long Line” adheres to stringent safety equipment and inspection requirements, providing passengers with the assurance of a secure and enjoyable charter experience. With a capacity of up to 20 passengers, the vessel offers ample space for unforgettable fishing adventures.

Seasonal Fishing Adventures and Local Seafood Distribution

From March to September, Captain Lawrence offers exhilarating Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Myrtle Beach. During the rest of the year, he focuses on commercial fishing, catching Grouper, Snapper, Sea Bass, and more, supplying local fish dealers, northern establishments, and area restaurants with fresh, locally sourced seafood.

Expertise Spanning Two Decades and Diverse Waters

Captain Lawrence’s 20+ years of experience navigating South Carolina and North Carolina waters have made him a true master of his craft. He is adept at a variety of fishing scenarios, from inshore Shark and Mackerel pursuits near the beach to offshore Gulf Stream expeditions targeting coveted bottom-dwellers like Grouper and Snapper, as well as prized sportfish such as Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and Tuna.

Beyond Fishing – A Love for the Sea’s Bounty

In the offseason, Captain Lawrence’s maritime skills extend to shrimp trawling, oyster harvesting in the marshes, and gill net setting. His laid-back demeanor, combined with his wealth of industry knowledge, ensures a fantastic and memorable experience aboard “The Long Line,” whether you opt for a half-day inshore excursion or an all-day offshore journey.

Embark on a Fishing Adventure with Captain Lawrence Long IV

There is no better choice for your next fishing escapade than Captain Lawrence Long IV and his vessel, “The Long Line.” Immerse yourself in the rich history and expertise that the Long family’s fishing legacy brings, and create lasting memories on the open waters with Captain Lawrence as your trusted guide.

Customized Fishing Experiences for All Skill Levels

Captain Lawrence Long IV caters to anglers of all skill levels, ensuring that each fishing trip is tailored to the unique needs and preferences of his guests. From novice fishers seeking a leisurely day on the water to seasoned anglers searching for the ultimate fishing challenge, Captain Lawrence’s vast experience and knowledge equip him to provide unforgettable experiences for everyone on board “The Long Line.”

A Commitment to Conservation and Sustainability

Captain Lawrence is not only a skilled fisherman but also a conscientious steward of the ocean. He actively promotes sustainable fishing practices and adheres to regulations that safeguard the delicate marine ecosystem. By choosing “The Long Line” for your fishing adventure, you’ll be supporting a captain who values the long-term health of our oceans and the continued abundance of its diverse marine life.

Family-Friendly Adventures in the Open Waters

Fishing trips with Captain Lawrence Long IV are perfect for families seeking quality time together while exploring the wonders of the sea. “The Long Line” offers a safe and comfortable environment where children and adults alike can learn about fishing techniques, marine species, and the importance of conservation. These shared experiences foster an appreciation for the ocean’s majesty and create lasting memories for the entire family.

The Local’s Choice for Fishing Excursions

Captain Lawrence’s stellar reputation in the Little River community and beyond is a testament to his skill, dedication, and passion for fishing. Locals and visitors alike trust him to deliver exceptional fishing experiences, with many returning year after year for more exciting adventures aboard “The Long Line.”

Plan Your Unforgettable Fishing Experience Today

Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on an extraordinary fishing journey with Captain Lawrence Long IV. His extensive knowledge, unwavering commitment to sustainability, and warm, approachable demeanor make him the perfect captain to guide you through the waters of South Carolina and North Carolina. Book your adventure aboard “The Long Line” today and discover the thrill of deep-sea fishing with a true master of the craft.

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