The Unforgettable Fishing Season in North Myrtle Beach, June 2023 Forecast

North Myrtle Beach Fishing Report for June 2023

Welcome to our detailed forecast of the unforgettable fishing experiences we had in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina during the month of June 2023.

A Lively Spring Awakening: Fishing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The advent of spring in Myrtle Beach, a period that seethes with life and vibrancy, brings with it an exciting rise in fish activity. Among the most notable marine stars of this season are the Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Flounder. With winter’s slumber coming to an end, these inshore fishing species emerge in their full glory, evoking a sense of wonder and excitement among anglers.

Redfish – The Coastal Delight

In South Carolina, Redfish, also known as the Spottail Bass, holds a special place in the hearts of fishermen. Their popularity in the Grand Strand is irrefutable, owing to their consistent presence and promising catch numbers.

Fishing Strategies and Methods

Different methods and baits are utilized to target Redfish. Live bait, artificial, and topwater strategies are some of the preferred techniques. Following the spring transition, the prospect of achieving high catch numbers becomes a reality.

Live bait is particularly favored, with Mud Minnows being the most sought-after due to their durability and availability. In addition to Mud Minnows, we are also catching Menhaden in the Sunset Beach area using a cast net. Even though live shrimp have been scarce, both Mud Minnows and Menhaden have proven to be very effective.

With some finesse, casting Artificial Shrimp and Gulp baits can be productive, and as we approach early mornings, topwater methods start to yield promising results. This trend is predicted to continue into the upcoming month of June.

Flounder – The Deceptive Hunter of Cherry Grove

The exceptional Flounder catches this Spring in Cherry Grove and Sunset Beach are worth mentioning. We’ve had memorable experiences with proficient anglers on board, such as the 11-year-old who caught an impressive 7.5-pound Flounder. The victory was not just in the weight of the catch but in the method used.

Flounder Catching Techniques

Contrary to the traditional Cherry Grove Flounder fishing strategy of slow-trolling Mud Minnows near the bottom, our clients have been catching Flounder using similar methods employed for Redfish and Speckled Trout. The Flounder’s approach to bait depends largely on the presentation, often attacking suspended bait more aggressively than one being trolled.

Speckled Trout – The Coastal Chameleon

Between Little River and Calabash, we have been experiencing successful Speckled Trout catches around oyster bars and rips.

Fishing Tactics for Speckled Trout

The Speckled Trout population increases with water temperatures in the lower 70s. As a result, we have been catching more schooling fish before summer’s heat peaks. Conservation is a major focus of our fishing charters. Therefore, while we do allow the keeping of some trout for dinner, we endorse the ‘Release over 20’ program that advocates releasing all fish over 20 inches to help ensure a robust fish population in the future.

The Trout bites have come mainly on Mud Minnows and artificial baits as live shrimp have been hard to come by so far this year. Menhaden can be a bit challenging to cast in windy conditions but has also contributed to the catch.

Spanish Mackerel – The Flashy Coastal Acrobats

During your North Myrtle Beach vacation, you may notice Spanish Mackerel offshore, identified by a congregation of birds in one area and a frothing surface on the water. These fish offer some of the most thrilling and engaging experiences on the water.

Capturing the Excitement

While some prefer to target Spanish Mackerel by trolling small spoons behind planers, we believe in providing an exhilarating experience for our charter clients. Rather than the standard methods, we take the opportunity to cast when they are active on the surface, which can even open possibilities for fly fishing.

Anticipating the Arrival of King Mackerel

As we approach June, we anticipate exciting nearshore opportunities for King Mackerel fishing. With the water temperature hovering around 70 degrees, King Mackerel are drawn closer to the beach. Reports of King Mackerel catching off of Myrtle Beach piers have already started circulating, intensifying our anticipation.

The Forthcoming Tarpon Season

Though still a little way off, the excitement for the forthcoming tarpon season is tangible. The challenge of targeting Tarpon, which happens to be our favorite species, offers a unique fishing experience. If you’re ready for this adventure, we recommend booking a date between late June and September.

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North Myrtle Beach Fishing Forecast 2023

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