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Myrtle Beach December Fishing

The speckled trout have come alive from the Sunset Beach Bridge down into North Myrtle Beach. At the Little River Jetties some really nice 6 and 7 lb gator trout have been landed on live shrimp. Anglers are also slow trolling soft plastics and catching specks along the marsh and drop-offs.

The Myrtle Beach Speckled Trout are bites around creeks, structure, and points. If you can get live shrimp they are still the best bet floated under a popping crock or on a floating crock about two feet off the bottom. The next best thing is Gulp shrimp and swimming mullet in pearl white on jig heads. Popping crocks with Gulp shrimp all so works great too . Some trout have been caught using Mirrolure  by casting or trolling them a long the grass. Topwater or spinerbait lures work great in the morning before the sun get up high.

Redfish can be caught in the backwaters and shallow creek. Redfish are running in huge schools from 15” to 25”. Feedin on small fish, blue crabs, fiddler crabs and shrimp in the backwaters.

On days when the sun gets up into the sky dark mud creeks warm more quickly and redfish school up there as the tide is moving to feed. You should look for dark mud creeks on low tide and fish them as the tide is rising. You can often see redfish “tailing” in these areas as they root the bottom for food.

The primary food redfish find on these dark muddy creeks are the fiddler crabs which burrow holes in the sand and try to hide from fish on higher tides. If you have any of the soft baits that imitate fiddle crabs or small blue crabs you can cast them on a led jig head in these areas and work them very slowly to induce redfish to bite.

The Myrtle Beach Red Drum Fishing in cold water means fishing slow. So whether you are using imitation shrimp soft baits, or minnows, the key is going to be to fish very slowly. You should cast your soft bait out on a jig head and allow it to sit on the bottom for a while before you begin slowly working it back to you.

The King Mackerel fishing around Frying Pan Tower is still going good.  Kings this time of year can be found in schools with fish ranging in size from the 6 to 12 pound “snakes” to the 30 plus pound “smokers”.  Kings can be found in areas where the surface temperature is between 66 and 68 degrees and located over bottom structure, such as ledges, wrecks and any rough bottom, holding bait fish for feeding Kings.  Water color change or temperature breaks may also hold Kings, as bait seems to gather up along these conditions. Typically we find our Kings in the fall over depth-finder marked bait, usually cigar minnows.

The Wahoo action can be extremely good in December as schools of big Wahoo congregate along the edge of the Gulf Stream.  If a fisherman can find water temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees with baitfish over structure in 180-350 feet of water, the bite will be   A W E S O M E!!  The average size of the Wahoo will increase in December, with fish over 60 pounds becoming the norm.  Occasionally, 90 to 100 ponders are caught.

If you would like to book a Backwater, Inshore, Offshore or Gulf Stream trip, there are still some days available. Don’t miss out on this experience of a lifetime.

Good Luck and Tight Lines,
Captain Keith Logan

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