North Myrtle Beach fishing Charters Bull Redfish

North Myrtle Beach fishing Charters Bull Redfish

Now is the time to book your Backwater Charter for The Big Bull Red Drums!

Myrtle Beach Inshore Fishing Charters

Redfish spend the first five years of their lives in the estuary system into which they are born. As they become sexually active at about five years of age Reds move from the rivers and creeks to open ocean waters. These adult Redfish are called Bull Reds. Bull Reds spend the rest of their lives, up to 50 years, in the ocean except for about two months each fall and spring. During these times they return to inshore and near shore haunts where they grew up and spent their pre adult years. Bull Reds prefer sounds, inlets and the mouths of ocean creeks. They will return to the same sand bar year after year, meaning if you catch one there will be others in the same spot in future years. The big fish will be close for another 6 weeks depending on how fast the water temperature drops in October.

The fishing technique is simple, anchor the boat or drift a Capt. Owen Lupton Rig “The Majik Drum Rig” . I like reel with a 4.3 to1 gear with a King Mackerel Rod MH. Forty pound Mono line works well; the line stretch enables the angler to tighten down on the drag while minimizing line brakeage. A 4 to 5 foot length of 60 pound Fluorocarbon is used for leader to the swivel on the Majik Drum Rig “Capt Owen Lupton Rig” Tip the circle hook with a live Menhaden, live Mullet or cut Mullet. Fishing around the change of tide either high or low when the tide is moving the most the bite will be at it best!

The Majik Drum Rig
by Capt. Owen Lupton

Link to the The Majik Drum Rig:

Remember the North Carolina slot for Red Rrum is 18″ to 27″ TL (D) Unlawful to possess red drum greater than 27 inches total length. Unlawful to gig, spear, or gaff red drum. 1 a day per person. Unlawful to Possess beyond 3 miles out. Info up to date as of August 2012

The South Carolina slot for Red Drum is 15″ to 23″ Cannot be harvested by gig Dec. – Feb. 3 per person per day (state waters) 0 per person per day (federal waters) May not be harvested from federal waters. Unlawful to Possess beyond 3 miles out. Info up to date as of August 2012

So if you are fishing the North Carolina South Carolina State Line be careful of what size and number Red Drum you may have in the boat.

All Bulls should be released unharmed.

Catch-and-Release Fishing

Many anglers choose to release the fish they catch. However, sometimes fish are so injured by the catch that their odds of surviving back in the water are poor. Here are some tips to improve a fish’s chances of living to fight another day.

Keep the fight short by using heavier tackle

Use a circle hook or crush the barb on a J-hook to avoid injuring the fish.
Never keep a fish out of the water longer than you can hold your breath.

The slime that covers a fish protects it from infection, so use wet hands or gloves when you handle the fish. A dehooker lets you remove the hook without touching the fish.

Never dangle a fish by its jaw, and always support its body with your hands.

When releasing a deep-sea bottom fish, use a venting tool to relieve the air from the fish’s air bladder.

Myrtle Beach Redfish

Myrtle Beach Redfish

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north myrtle beach fishing charters for red drum

north myrtle beach fishing charters for red drum

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